Add Long-term Elegance To Your Home With These Types Of Stone Masonry

Stone Masonry is one of the most durable types of masonry, which can add a timeless and unique elegance to your home for many years. The example of the finest stone masonry work can be seen in many of the historical monuments like Chartres Cathedral, Taj Mahal, Roman Coliseum. Stone is a natural material derived from rocks that are cut into various shapes to beautify your home and its landscaping in many different ways. Stone Masonry can withstand almost any harsh weather and keep your home looking its best for a long time. It is mostly used for building foundations, flooring, retaining walls, arches, fireplace masonry, and more. It requires low maintenance, and as it’s an abundant natural material, it is ideal for sustainable home designs.

If you are looking for elegant masonry for your home, the following are the various types of stone masonry options available for you to choose from:

Rubble Masonry

Ashlar Masonry

Ashlar Masonry is more expensive as it consists of finely dressed, pre-cut stones which are affixed using cement or lime mortar. This type of masonry gives your home a more refined and elegant look as the stones used are of similar features with a uniform height and thickness. It can further be divided into many different categories such as:

  • Rough tooled ashlar masonry
  • fine or coarse ashlar masonry
  • Random coarse ashlars masonry
  • Block in coarse masonry
  • Rock or quarry faced ashlars
  • Chamfered ashlars masonry
  • Ashlars facing

Stone Veneer

Stone Veneers are used as a proactive and decorative covering for interior or exterior walls or other structures. A structural wall is built first, and flat stones are fixed on the wall using mortar. Metal tabs are also used to affix the stonework securely to the wall and prevent it from separating from it. Stone veneers are designed to resemble natural stone and are much cheaper than natural stone masonry. They give your home a sophisticated look and are very durable and long-lasting.

Slipform Masonry

Slipform masonry combines Stone Masonry and concrete work to create durable, low maintenance, weatherproof, and fireproof home designs. Slipforming is a traditional technique of creating a rubblestone appearance in a comparatively messy form without adhering to uniform joints. It gives your home an antique old-worldly appearance.

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