Top repairs to consider to prepare your home for a rainy season

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As the rainy season is approaching gradually, your home may need some repairs to withstand the adverse environmental conditions. Rainy season brings a whole set of challenges for your home’s roofing, siding, gutters, and chimney. Heavy rainfall may cause roof leakage, water damage, overflowing gutters, and many other problems that you can prevent if proper measures are taken to prepare your home for the upcoming season. So, if you want to protect your home from the adverse environmental effects of heavy rains, it is recommended to schedule an inspection from a licensed roofing contractor in NJ.

Pro-Line Construction is a team of certified contractors offering an extensive range of construction services, including roofing, siding, chimney, masonry & gutter repair, and maintenance. Our experienced contractors would love to help you safeguard your home and prevent any potential safety hazards.

Following are the top repairs you might need to prepare your home for the rainy season:

Gutter repair and cleaning

One of the biggest problems during heavy rains is a clogged and overflowing gutter. It is not only unpleasant to deal with but also can potentially cause water damage to your roof, siding, and chimney structure. A clean and well-functioning gutter ensures smooth water flow during the rainy season. If your gutter has not been cleaned or inspected by a professional in the previous six months, it is highly recommended to schedule professional gutter inspection cleaning and repair services.
Chimney waterproofing and repairs

There is a high risk of water leakage and damage to your chimney during the rainy season if the waterproofing has not been done ahead of time. Chimney problems are difficult to assess without the help of a licensed chimney professional. At Pro-Line Construction, our certified chimney experts are well-versed in identifying any hidden/potential chimney issues. We provide reliable chimney repair and maintenance solutions to ensure waterproofing and securing your chimney.

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